My family lives in a house that is placed among true green carpets of grass near by Ljubljana. My home is also home of my three dogs.

I got my first dog, Naya, in year 2002. After two years Willy came along. He is our gorgeous black male.

But we have another female dog, Luna. She is Naya's daughter and she is from Naya's first litter. We haven't planed to keep any more dogs but my daughters were so persistent at their very well planed persuading so finally I gave in. The result, Luna stayed at home. September 2010 beautiful gold lady Candy com`s from Gremany (Tiffany`s).

Our dogs are equal members of our family and are allowed to move and research in every corner of our home. They are always there so we are continually and intentionally connected. I believe that this is the best way to establish a good relationship with your dogs and only in that way you can truly gain best animal friends.



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Katarina Žabjek
Trpinčeva 70
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija
gsm 0038631 639 629
e-mail: assayashihtzu@yahoo.com
web: http://www.assaya.si